Mr. Snape's 10th Grade Class 
2019 to 2020

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Instructions for 3-30 to 4-2 This week we will work on poetry. On Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, I will post (on Google Classroom) a poem for you to analyze. Please post your analysis on GC. Your analysis should include a discussion of the poem's structure, poetic devices (like metaphor, alliteration, etc.) and meaning. Don't worry about the grammar. If we get back together in the middle of April, we'll pick it up then. Keep reading your ind. reading book. Poem 2 Work on your memoir. This assignment will have to change a bit. Your new goal as far as length is 25 rather than 50 pages. The due date is still 4/21. Please share with me on Google Docs your progress so far (by the end of the day). Poem 3
Disregard the next book idea. We will finish the year with shorter readings.
Poem 4
Your independent reading assessment is due by midnight tonight. The test will be posted on GC.
3-30 to 4-2 This week
Grammar 180-182
HW ind. reading
Grammar 183-186
HW ind. reading
Memoir day
HW ind. reading
Choose next book
Grammar 186-188
HW ind. reading
Intro. to next book
Grammar 188-191
Ind. reading assessment
4-6 to 4-9 This week   Memoir day Spring break
No school
Spring break
No school
4-13 to 4-16 Spring break
No school
  Last Memoir day    
4-20 to 4-23 This week
Memoir due      
4-27 to 5-1 This week        
5-4 to 5-8 This week   Last day of school PIR