Mr. Snape's 11th Grade Class 
2019 to 2020

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Instructions for the Rest of the School Year. Your work for the rest of the year is as follows:
1) You have 3 more short stories to read--"Occurence at Owl Creek Bridge," "The Lottery," and "Jim Baker's Blue Jay Yarn." Links to the stories will be on GC.
2) Also on GC will be a question to answer about each story. Please give me at least 2 good paragraphs for your answer. I need all of your work turned in no later than Monday 5/4. Of course feel free to complete it sooner.
4-20 to 4-23 This week
Read short stories.
4-27 to 5-1 This week        
5-4 to 5-8 This week
All work is due.
  Last day of school PIR