Mr. Snape's 11th Grade Class 
2019 to 2020

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Instructions for 3-30 to 4-2 Ignore the grammar. We will continue that when we get back together, same with impromptu. For today, jsut finish reading Fools Crow. I posted a reading quiz on Google Classroom. Put your answers there. Also read the info. about cohesion in writing. You will use it for tomorrow's exercise. Complete the sentence-combining exercise. No need to post anything. Today I want you to write 2 paragraphs. The first one will have very poor cohesion. The second one will be a correction of the first in which the cohesion is improved. It's due Friday. Fools Crow test. Posted on GC. Put your answers there.
3-30 to 4-2 This week
Quiz on roots, prefixes and suffixes
Verb diagnostic 170-172
HW Finish book
Intro to next reading
Grammar 172-174
Writing exercise--coherence
Grammar 174-179
Writing exercise--coherence
Grammar Quiz on irregular verbs
Writing prompt practice transitions
4-6 to 4-9 This week     Spring break
No school
Spring break
No school
4-13 to 4-16 Spring break
No school
4-20 to 4-23 This week        
4-27 to 5-1 This week        
5-4 to 5-8 This week   Last day of school PIR