Mr. Snape's 8th Grade Class 
2019 to 2020

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2-17 to 2-21 This week
Test on epics
Check annotations
What is a mock epic?
Brainstorm your own mock epic. Work in pairs. Present and act out in pairs. 3-5 minutes
Hand out 15 One-Act Plays
HW Choose and read the one-act play to present to class
Discuss reliable websites and search methods
Work on research
HW Read your one-act play
Grammar 140-141
Look at examples of research papers
Rehearse mock epics
HW  "The Lottery" p100
No school No school
2-24 to 2-28 This week
Discuss reading
Watch video clips of beginning
Grammar 142-144
Hand out Fellowship of the Ring
HW Ch 1
Present mock epics.
Grammar 145-146
Lottery quiz
Read together
HW Ch 2
Grammar 147-150
Work on research paper
Read together
HW Ch 3
Grammar 151-154
Work on research paper
HW Ch 4
Present one-act plays
Read together
HW Ch 5 and 6
3-2 to 3-6 This week        
3-9 to 3-13 This week     Ski/swim day
No class
No class
3-16 to 3-20 This week        
3-23 to 3-27 This week        
3-30 to 4-2 This week        
4-6 to 4-9 This week     Spring break
No school
Spring break
No school
4-13 to 4-16 Spring break
No school
4-20 to 4-23 This week        
4-27 to 5-1 This week        
5-4 to 5-8 This week   Last day of school PIR