Mr. Snape's 9th Grade Class 
2019 to 2020

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Instructions for 3-30 to 4-2 Keep reading
If you have questions about your paper, please ask. I am posting an example of a formal outline on GC. Check it out and make yours look similar.
In Google Classroom, send me a list of your sources, your thesis statement and your outline. I have posted some info. about writing a good thesis statement on GC. Ignore the grammar for this week. We will pick it up again when we are back together. Work on your paper. Ignore the grammar quiz, but there is a reading quiz on GC today through Ch 27 Please share your rough draft with me on Google Docs. Your writing prompt is on GC. Post your writing as an "answer" to the question. Please share your research paper with me on Google Docs.
3-30 to 4-2 This week
Work on research papers
HW 21 and 22
Show me reasearch, tentative thesis and outline
Grammar 135-138
HW 23-25
Grammar 139-140
Work on paper
HW 26 and 27
Reading quiz
Quiz on agreement

Work on paper
HW 28 and 29
Writing prompt--work on transitions
Rough draft of paper due
4-6 to 4-9 This week   Hand back rough drafts Spring break
No school
Spring break
No school
4-13 to 4-16 Spring break
No school
4-20 to 4-23 This week        
4-27 to 5-1 This week        
5-4 to 5-8 This week   Last day of school PIR