12th Grade Archive


8-26 to 8-30 First day stuff
Discuss last year
This week
Writing sample
Choose prompt from list
Share and hand in
Hand out books--sign and record
Read in class
"What's the Difference Between Boys and Girls?" p236 in essay book
Review annotation
Annotate and discuss
Grammar diagnostic
Proofreading--exchange and discuss
What do you want to learn? Plans for life after high school.
What does language mean?
History of the English Language Powerpoint--take notes
9-2 to 9-6 Labor Day
No school
This week
Short quiz on history of English
Intro to Anglo-Saxon Period and Beowulf ppt--notes
What is an epic poem?
Read and annotate  2-10 in text
Discuss annotation
Some words and ideas to know
Anglo-Saxon qz
Review Anglo-Saxon alliteration and kenning
Begin reading together
Read 11-16
Reading quiz
Discuss answers and preview next sections
Short, written response to the poem so far
Read 17-23
Choose two students at random to lead discussion on "The Coming of Beowulf" and two others for "Unferth's Taunt" (These will be "like free" presentations.)
9-9 to 9-13 This week
Intro to reading and fill in the blanks
Review writing process
Assign Viking essay topics--research using at least two sources
Essay will be 2-3 pages plus works cited page.
HW 23-26
Reading qz
Intro to reading and fill in the blanks
HW 27 to 29 and rough draft of Viking essay
Impromptu speaking
Last Beo. qz
Discuss answers
Review for Beo. test
Show me rough drafts
Impromptu speaking if time allows

Beowulf test
HW Edit rough drafts
Orally present Viking essay 2 to 3 minutes. (concentrate on eye contact and body control)
Hand in essay
Talk about test and grades

If time...Intro. to Middle Ages, Geoffrey Chaucer and Canterbury Tales
Read beginning of prologue together in Middle English and translated
9-16 to 9-20 This week
Intro. to Middle Ages, Geoffrey Chaucer and Canterbury Tales
Read beginning of prologue together in Middle English and translated
Kamron's speech
HW 43-54
Reading qz
Review iambic pentameter--each student writes two lines
Choose presentation pairs and assign tales.
Have your tale read by Thursday of next week.
HW 55-61 (line 115)
Take notes on each of the characters mentioned
Discuss characters
Impromptu speaking verbal ticks
Begin reading together
HW line 116 to 312
Reading quiz on beginning of prologue
Discuss quiz and characters
HW line 313 to 474
Discuss reading--this will probably be our catch up day
7 sentence paragraphs--write two

9-23 to 9-27 This week
Discuss characters--choose students to talk about each
HW line 475 to 626
Reading quiz
Students discuss characters
Begin reading together
HW Finish Prologue
Matching quiz on all characters
Intro to the Pardoner's Tale
HW The Pardoner's Tale
Quiz on Pardoner's Tale
Parameters for tale presentation
Plan your presentation with your partner.
Finish planning presentation and begin practicing.
9-30 to 10-4 This week
Proofreading exercise
7 sentence paragraphs
Intro to Shakespeare and Hamlet
Pass out books
HW xxiii to xxxi
Watch excerpts from Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Read Ii together--assign parts

HW Iii
School to Work

HW Grunt softly
Discuss Iii
Read Iiii--assign parts
2nd 7 sentence paragraph
HW Iiv
Review for Canterbury Tales test
Canterbury Tales vocab words below.

1.  sundry

2.  render

3.  coy

4.  eminent

5.  arbitrate

6.  discreet

7.  malady

8.  benign

9.  mercenary

10. subtle

11. disdain

Read Hamlet together
10-7 to 10-11 This week
Note: See "Archive" for list of vocab. words
Present tales--take notes
Go over questions from tales that are likely to be on test.
HW Study for test
Canterbury Tales test
Hamlet ppt--take notes
Discuss IIi
Watch video excerpts of Hamlet, opening and soliloquy
HW IIii for Monday
3rd 7 sentence paragraph
Discuss IIi
Read IIii together--assign parts
7 sentence paragraph
Watch bits of Hamlet
Talk about Romeo and Juliet
Impromptu--2 minutes (30 seconds prep)
10-14 to 10-18 Mr. Snape gone
Reading quiz on Hamlet
Read IIIi together in small groups--figure it out and take notes
Shakespeare in Reed Point
This week
Discuss IIIii
Watch 3 different versions of the "To be or not to be" soliloquy
HW Finish Act III
School to Work MEA
No school
No school
10-21 to 10-25 This week
Quiz on Act III
Discuss reading
Define rhetoric and begin discussion of logic (inductive and deductive)--notes
HW IVi, ii, and iii
Show me Hamlet annotations for a grade.
Logic continued, fallacies
Discuss reading
Read together
HW IViv and IVv
School to Work
Mr. Snape will bring a five course meal to class and will have to eat it by himself.
HW Finish Act IV
Fallacies part two--notes
Discuss reading
Begin reading together
Look over notes on logic.
Quiz on logic and fallacies.
Questions on Hamlet.
10-28 to 11-1 This week
Finish fallacies if necessary.
Begin looking at advertisements and define Media literacy.
HW Finish Hamlet
Discuss play
In groups of 3 plan which episode (2-3 minutes) from the play to act out. Rehearse.
School to Work
Lecture about the secret to a happy and fulfilling life.
Perform fragment and discuss why it is important to the play.
Review for test
HW study for test
Hamlet test (re-schedule for Tuesday of next week)
Perform scenes
Hand out Grendel and begin intro--notes
11-4 to 11-8 This week
Review for Hamlet test
"To Be..." fill in the blank test.
Intro to Grendel.
Hand out Grendel vocab.
HW Ch 1
Hamelt test
Hand out literary terms.

HW Ch 2
School to Work
Each person who shows up to class receives $100. I may be the only one.
HW Ch 3
Reading quiz
Continue analysis of advertisements.
Discuss page 1 of lit. terms
Watch Hamlet excerpts
Discuss reading
HW Ch 4
Quiz on page 1 of lit. terms.
Discuss page 2 of lit. terms.
Discuss reading
Watch Hamlet excerpts
Read together
HW Ch 5
11-11 to 11-15 This week
Discuss Ch 5--Dragon's complex philosophy--you are the dragon. Answer 3 questions
Quiz on page 1 of lit. terms
Discuss lit. terms page 2
HW Ch 6
Quiz on lit. terms page 2
Discuss reading
Discuss lit. terms page 3
Read together
HW Ch 7
Reading quiz
Carlee, Kamron and Daynon lead discussion on Ch 7
Re-test on "To Be..." speech
MLA style paper
What is a literary paper?
HW Ch 8
Reading quiz
Livvie, Ty and Lily lead discussion on Ch 8
Requirements for your research paper.
What makes a reliable online source?
HW Ch 9
Reading quiz
Preliminary research for a paper topic
HW Finish book
11-18 to 11-22 This week
Reading quiz Ch 8 and 9
Quiz on lit. terms page 3
Requirements for your research paper.
What makes a reliable online source?
Last Grendel reading quiz
Begin resumes
Begin preliminary research for a paper topic
HW collect info for resume

Review for Grendel test
Discuss lit. terms page 4
Look at examples of thesis statements for literary paper
Write rough draft of resume
HW Study
Grendel test
HW Research paper topic

Research paper topic due for a grade
Begin focused research
Quiz on lit. terms page 4
Work on research paper
Resumes continued
11-25 to 11-29 This week
Grendel test continued
Hand out Bless...
Intro to Bless--magical realism
Hand out glossary of Spanish terms and character list
Begin reading together if time
HW uno, dos y tres
Science Olympiad
No class
No school
Thanksgiving break
No school
Thanksgiving break
No school
12-2 to 12-6 This week
Reading quiz
Finish 1st resume rough draft
HW cuatro, cinco y seis
Thesis statement due tomorrow
Thesis statement for a grade
Discuss reading
Peer review of resumes and mock interviews
HW 7, 8, 9
Work on research paper
Review MLA style
Final draft of 1st resume due, hard-copy and electronic
HW 10
Reading quiz
Begin focused resume
HW 11
Focused resume rough draft due--share it with me
12-9 to 12-13 This week
Reading quiz
Logic review
Discuss formal speech--5-7 minutes on an American social problem--expository
HW Ch 12
Speech topic for a grade
Research speech topic
Read together
HW Ch 13
Research paper
HW Ch 14
Work on speech--research contiued
Impromptu (2 minute speech, 2 minutes prep.)
HW Ch 15
Watch excerpts from TED talks as examples of effective expository speeches
12-16 to 12-20 This week
Impromptu for a grade--verbal tics
Read together
HW Ch 16-17
BMU discussion questions--in class--for a grade
HW Ch 18
Present speeches
HW Ch 19 and 20
Work on research paper
Review requirements for rough draft
Second semester
HW research paper
Rough draft of research paper due
No quiz
No test
Merry Christmas!
End of semester 1
12-23 to 12-27 Christmas break
No school
Christmas break
No school
Christmas break
No school
Christmas break
No school
Christmas break
No school
12-30 to 1-3 Christmas break
No school
Christmas break
No school
Christmas break
No school
Christmas break
No school
Christmas break
No school
1-6 to 1-10 This week
Second semester plan
Review BMU
Define dystopia
HW Ch 21
HW Finish BMU
Hand out F. 451
Intro to novel
Define speculative fiction
Review for BMU test
Class time to read
HW BMU test
BMU test
Read F. 451






1-13 to 1-17 This week
HW Read 451
In class POL competition
Discuss reading
HW Read 451
HW Read 451
8th period POL competition for class winners in English room
Discuss reading
HW Finish F. 451
Reading quiz/test on 451
Hand out Brave New World
Intro to BNW





1-20 to 1-24 This week
Discuss ethics of governmental control
HW Foreward to BNW
Discuss morality of genetic manipulation
Read together
HW ch1
Reading quiz
100 years in the future--opportunities and problems
research on futurism
HW ch 2
Choose topic, continue research for 5-7 minute speech on our future
HW ch 3
Discuss reading
Create a tableau--groups of three